Without doubt – our most urgent need is for faithful prayer warriors!!  Nothing happens without prayer!

If you would like to commit to pray for our missionaries please locate their email addresses on the Staff page and let them know!

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Blair and Sue Alvidrez left northern Kentucky and moved to the Balkan country of Albania in August of 2010.  Since then they have worked hard to learn the culture and language.

They now reside in the capital city, Tirana, and continue to provide Biblical Counseling.  Both Blair and Sue are now certified ACBC counselors!!

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John and Sandie Dostal  sold or gave away their belongings, rented a flat, enrolled in language school and relocated to the city of Brno, Czech Republic in August 2011.  Our Czech partners anticipated with great joy the coming of this family to help them.

Would you consider joining John and Sandie Dostal as they continue in ministry in the Czech Republic?

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As of  August 2012 Doug and Diane Markesbery have relocated to Timisoara to serve as missionaries to the people of Romania!  They have begun  serving in the areas of small groups and Biblical  Counseling at the invitation of several pastors and churches there as they learn to speak Romanian.

They are serving alongside brothers and sisters at The Areopagus Center as well as helping to facilitate a Two Year Biblical Counseling Course.

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“It looks a task too gigantic, but the bare arm of God – only think of that – His sleeve rolled up, omnipotence itself made bare – what cannot it accomplish?”

Charles Spurgeon