Welcome to the AoGI website.  Explore and see that we are a different kind of mission-sending agency.  Fully integrated into a local church, we exist to engage local bodies in the Great Commission.  Trusting in the Sovereignty of God, we do not need to try to make something happen in missions.  With faith and obedience, we are watching God call worshippers from the nations and seeing Jesus Christ build His church.  Reliant on the sufficient scriptures, we are committed to God’s appointed ends and His revealed means.  Committed to making disciples, we encourage and teach all men and women to grow in Christ’s likeness.  Join us in worshipping and serving our awesome God.

  Giving is easy!

“It looks a task too gigantic, but the bare arm of God – only think of that – His sleeve rolled up, omnipotence itself made bare – what cannot it accomplish?”

Charles Spurgeon